Frequently asked questions

What is VerticalChange?
VerticalChange is an easy to use, HIPAA compliant, secure, flexible cloud-based information management system that can be tailored to meet your organization’s workflow and specifications.
How is VerticalChange used?
Because the software is extremely flexible and able to be customized for an organization, it can be adapted to meet a variety of needs, some examples include: Case Management, Health Records, Social Service Delivery and Program Evaluation, Education Data and Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRIS), Survey Administration and as a Research Platform, Community Collaboration and Interagency Data Sharing, Coordinated Entry and Population Health, Grant Management
Why would I want to use it?
VerticalChange represents a new approach to data management. It is easy to use, flexible, and scalable, so organizations of all sizes can benefit from the technology.
How much does it cost?
VerticalChange was built to be easy to use, and that extends to our pricing. Typically we offer quarterly or annual agreements with fees based on the number of user accounts. The costs vary based on the number and type of users and system configuration requirements. Please contact our Business Development Team to get information tailored for your situation:
What are the hardware requirements to use VerticalChange?
VerticalChange works great on all modern browsers (IE 9 and up).
Does my data belong to me?
Yes. All the data you enter into VerticalChange is owned by your organization. We provide tools for data export, and can help you to take your data with you if you ever need to.
How do I know my data is safe and your systems are secure?
VerticalChange has multiple layers of security. These include encryption when the data is in transit (secure connections), and at rest (secure data centers), as well as redundant backups and third party security authentication. Secure connections: 256 bit extended-validation SSL security certificate. Secure data centers: We use Amazon Web Services. Learn more about Amazon's security practices Redundant backups: We regularly back up your data and store it in secure geographically diverse locations.
Is there ever server downtime when I won't be able to access my data?
Our software is built to optimize availability, for access to your account and data at all times. Although we can’t guarantee that a server will never go down, we have engineered VerticalChange to run redundantly in multiple isolated data centers for optimum reliability. We utilize Amazon Web Services, the premier cloud data service provider, with a service level agreement of 99.5%.
Can the system expand as my organization grows?
Yes, the application is built to scale easily and will function equally well if your organization has 5 or 500 users. Add as many users, and as much data as you need and VerticalChange will seamlessly accommodate the growth of your organization.
Is it easy to use?
Yes, building user friendly software is our highest priority. We design VerticalChange in collaboration with real users and consistently improve the user experience based on user feedback. We also offer user training through a variety of methods, most of them at no additional cost.
How often are new features released?
VerticalChange is built using an agile development methodology. Our software development process is driven by continuous improvement and responsiveness to user feedback. VerticalChange introduces new features every month or so and the system you access will always be up to date automatically.