Our History

VerticalChange, a California based company, was formed in 2012 to address an unmet need for modern technology to address the data management and analysis problems facing the social service and public health sectors. Recognizing a need for more flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use tools for data collection and reporting, VerticalChange worked closely with a representative group of service providers to release the platform in early 2013.

Our mission is to empower health and social services agencies to successfully deliver services to individuals, families, and communities while measuring outcomes.

We support organizations to improve education delivery, connect health care providers to bridge gaps in care, end homelessness, and empower social service agencies to help the most vulnerable community members. We value human relationships and social justice. Our team is passionate about solving the problems faced by the social sector by leveraging cutting-edge technology to build user-friendly software.

Our Approach

We provide a highly scalable web based platform that can collect and report on virtually any kind of data and interoperate with other systems. This flexible approach has allowed us to serve clients representing the full spectrum of organizations in the sector, from small to large service providers, government agencies, and community initiatives.

The VerticalChange platform runs in the cloud, hosted by our partner Amazon Web Services, with security and availability being paramount. As an Advanced Public Sector Partner, the platform has been audited by AWS and passes some of their most strict implementation requirements. Our team loves technology, and we proudly support software projects and organizations such as Kubernetes, Teleport, PostgreSQL... and many more.

See how our work with ECE providers changed outcomes and exceeded expectations in a case study we published last year with our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our Team

We're fully remote, and all over the place! Prior to going remote, our headquarters were in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. If you'd like to help change the world for the better, come join our team!

  • Jonathan Humfrey

    Jonathan Humfrey

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Dylan Stamat

    Dylan Stamat

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Victor Christensen

    Victor Christensen

    Chief Architect

  • Lauren Kozyra

    Lauren Kozyra

    Customer Success Manager

  • Matthew Willhite

    Matt Willhite

    Lead Engineer

  • Alexis Dorn

    Alexis Dorn

    Product Operations Manager

  • Ann Cowell

    Ann Cowell

    Director of Customer Success

  • Luke Barrett

    Luke Barrett

    Business Development

  • Amanda Hsiung

    Amanda Hsiung

    Customer Success Manager

  • Ocean Chow

    Ocean Chow

    Customer Support Technician

  • Johnny Martinez-Nolasco

    Johnny Martinez-Nolasco

    Infrastructure Engineer

  • Mariya Mego Vela

    Mariya Mego Vela

    Frontend Engineer

  • Brandon Jahner

    Brandon Jahner

    Lead Engineer

  • Matthew Rector

    Matthew Rector

    Customer Success Manager

  • Feven Wordofa

    Feven Wordofa

    Customer Success Manager