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Full featured Form Builder


Our Form Builder is one of the most advanced in the business and can handle even the most complicated workflows.

  • Powerful fields like Likerts, Smart Addresses, Currency, Digital Signature, Upload, etc.
  • Group fields and apply complex branching logic.
  • Field mapping allows you to map contact data into your form results.
  • Field level permissions allow you to control read and write access to individual fields.
  • Fully scriptable forms (via LUA) lets you to implement complicated calculations.

Client Management


A completely flexible and unintrusive CRM let's you spend time focusing on your clients, and not our software.

  • Fully customize the name and type of all client data you collect (people, families, etc).
  • Easily manage complex relationships between your contacts.
  • Our Zoom integration lets you easily hold telehealth sessions.



Whatever data you put in your system can easily be aggregated and reported on in a few clicks, and you even have the ability to query it with direct SQL access.

  • The Report Builder lets you build complex reports and summaries with only a few clicks.
  • Visual VerticalChange is available as a full-featured Business Intelligence tool.
  • All your form results are available as SQL accessible tables.
  • Use our reporting, or connect directly to your data with Tableu, Power BI, or whatever tool you already use.

Email Campaign Management


Manage communication to your clients all in one place by creating targeted and trackable campaigns.

  • Create email campaigns and track delivery statistics.
  • Fully customizable email templates with dynamic parameter mapping.

Attendance Tracking


Perfect for managing classroom attendance and allowing teachers and parents to checkin their students.

  • Register and track Attendance.
  • End users can sign into classes using digital signatures.



Security is our #1 concern, and we can work with you to help facilitate any internal compliance needs.

  • Amazon Web Services Advanced Public Sector Partner.
  • Complies with HIPAA Privacy & Security rules.
  • Multifactor Authentication with SMS and/or Email.
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) lets control user access with fine grained permissions.
  • Audit logs are available for all actions your users take.

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